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The Juggling Club is open to all ROFC premier players. It will motivate and challenge our players to spend more time juggling the soccer ball in order to improve their technical skills while having fun.

Juggling is an important aspect of a player's development. Juggling masters have the following characteristics:

  • Better overall ball manipulation and control
  • Better coordination, balance, reaction, and speed on the ball
  • Learn to use both feet
  • Better first touch

Juggling daily at home or showing up to practice early is best. Work on all surfaces of your body until you feel comfortable controlling the ball with any body part. As you practice, your touches will improve.

You can juggle whenever you like. All you need is a ball and a little room. Keep track of your personal best by challenging yourself.

It only takes ten minutes a day to make a difference.


A player development initiative open to all  ROFC players to demonstrate their soccer skills and strengthen their passion for the game. You must complete the score in front of a coach or send us a video to be added to our leaderboards.


If you've never juggled before, start by holding the ball out in front of you and kicking it back into your hands with your foot. Repeat this process, attempting to land two kicks before the ball hits the ground. The key is to keep going and try to beat your previous score by at least one!


If you are a current ROFC premier player, you are instantly a member of the club. You get your first bag tag when you reach the first level of 10 juggles. As you go through the levels, you'll be able to collect more cards of different colors. Once you've completed 10 juggles, you can request a bag tag.

Verify you got the score you did in one of the following ways

  • Coach watches you juggle
  • Video yourself juggling

Submit your score:

  • Send us an email. ( - include your name & the team you are on.
  • Post it to Facebook, and/or Instagram and tag it with #ROFCjuggling

Collect your bag tag!

  • Show off your tag
  • Continue to practice and work your way up the Juggle Club ladder!

Boys Scoreboard

Player Name Team # of Juggles
Nick Maeso 2008 Boys Green 102
Henry Gvozdic 2012 Boys Green 100
Mark Say 2007 Boys Green 60
John Patrick Dohm 2010 Boys Green 50
Danny Macey 2012 Boys Green 50
Henry Gvozdic 2012 Boys Green 50
Wiktor Otwinowski 2008 Boys Green 50
Christian Leman 2012 Boys Green 50
Preston Heckman 2008 Bys Green 39
EJ Ball 2007 Boys Green 33
Griffin Morrison 2012 Boys White 29
Keegan Nolan 2007 Boys Green 28
Jaren Taylor 2007 Boys Green 26
Sean Bailey 2012 Boys White 26
Blake Martin 2008 Boys White 25
Anthony Gotta 2008 Boys Green 25
Jack Joseph 2012 Boys Green 25
Ura Olekshyy 2007 Boys Green 25
Evan Kowalkowski 2010 Boys White 21
Sam Kalczynski 2013 Boys Green 16
Spencer Drouillard 2013 Boys White 16
Luke Vukich 2011 Boys Green 12
Sam Hamilton 2013 Boys Green 11
Mason Pascual 2013 Boys Green 10
Johnny Friedrich 2008 Boys Green 10
Alex Fitch 2014 Boys Green 10
Tommy Robinson 2014 Boys Green 10
David Tsenkov 2013 Boys Green 10
Jackson Shencopp 2010 Boys Green 10
Nickolaus Juncaj 2012 Boys Green 10
Rami Abdel-Hameed 2012 Boys Green 10
Malek Abdel-Hameed 2011 Boys Green 10
Jack Joseph 2012 Boys Green 10
Luke Donovan 2012 Boys Green 10
Oliver Lusk 2012 Boys Green 10
Johnathan Lozenskovski 2012 Boys Green 10
Charlie Fournier 2013 Boys Green 10
Henry Roberts 2012 Boys Black 10

Girls Leaderboard

Player Name Team # of Juggles
Julia Goetz 2009 Girls Green 1030
Emma Malkowski 2007 Girls Green 277
Alana Horwitz 2007 Girls Green 200
Hailey Barnwell 2007 Girls White 100
Brynlee Pratt 2007 Girls Green 68
Alice Knoll 2011 Girls Green 55
Gigi Boyajian 2009 Girls Green 33
Alyssa Rozycki 2010 Girls Green 29
Annie Roberts 2012 Girls Green 28
Sarah Miller 2008 Girls Black


Alex Moises 2011 Girls Green 25
Olivia Butcher 2011 Girls Green 17
Maria Zimmy 2011 Girls Green 13
Maggie Kuper 2011 Girls Green 11
Serena Warns 2010 Girls White 10
Evelyn Weiner 2010 Girls White 10
Kate Auerbach 2011 Girls Green 10
Abby Auerbach 2011 Girls Green 10
Aubry Schutzler 2011 Girls green 10
Olivia Butcher 2011 Girls Green 10
Olivia Kramer 2011 Girls White 10
Lucy Lonero 2011 Girls Green 10
Audrey Reichel 2011 Girls white 10
Margaret Goetz 2011 Girls Green 10