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Player Methodology

The ROFC club DNA is an innovative and continuously updated document that enables every coach to deliver a consistent message, within each respective age group,  on a given focus topic in line with the Teams Development plan. Every weekly practice is structured to ensure all teams are hitting on the key developmental points needed for the continued progression of every player at their particular age. Every session is developed to challenge our players to execute the technical or tactical components need at that particular age group with additions to prepare them for future development.

Two of the main key focuses at the club are our Player Development Plans (PDP) and our team development plans (TDP). Our team developmental season plans are set out in advance for the upcoming year in line with key characteristics, technical and tactical points needed to be hit based on their age group. Our players are also provided with a formal meeting to individually discuss their progressions and upcoming targets for the next development period. Our coaches continuously informally reinforce such targets with players at both practices & games to empower every player to be accountable for their own development as well as staying on the team development plan timeline. 

Our club's leadership has a wealth of experience locally, nationally, and internationally with players' development at every level from recreationally all the way to professionally. The club directors and coaches meet constantly to ensure that the club's vision, TDP, and methodology are being met throughout the club. Our staff also partake in regular coaching development seminars and license development to ensure all new coaching proper practices are constantly being developed.

Style of play

At ROFC, our philosophy is to play the right way to ensure the development of every player from the goalkeeper to the striker. Our holistic approach will see our players and teams portray a very clearly defined style of play, to maximize their individual and collective development. This will ensure that a very specific style of play is played no matter what team or coach that a player plays for which allows continuity across the board.

Key characteristics of our style of play are as follows:

  • Highly Organized
  • Key, defined roles and responsibilities
  • Possession-based style
  • Building and playing out of the back
  • Individual and collective creativity 
  • Outwork opponents with high intensity
  • Fast speed of play
  • Unity throughout the pitch