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ROFC is partnered with Techne Futbol. Techne is a training tool that is available to all ROFC players free of charge to continue their soccer development no matter where they are. It is a consistent, methodical, and easy-to-use application that will motivate our players to be disciplined with their soccer training schedule.

The Techne app tracks player's time by timing themselves using the app timer for 1, 2, or 3 minutes as they train at each drill. Then the time is added to their training log and they can repeat the drill or continue to the next.  A lot of the drills have 'Level Up' and/or 'Level Down' options and players are encouraged to work at their skill level.

We understand the importance of providing our players with as many training opportunities as possible and this app puts the power to train in our player's hands. The Techne Futbol app provides the following:

  • GUIDED CURRICULUM - New sessions weekly, including juggling, dribbling, and wall work. Each drill has a video demonstrating the proper technique and can be done anywhere at any time.
  • PROGRESS TRACKING - See how much time you've trained and measure your improvement on fundamental techniques with Techne Time Trials.
  • REWARDS - All subscribers are part of our Training Sock System, similar to the belt system in martial arts. The more you train, the further in the system you progress and are rewarded with new sock colors.
  • COMPETITION - Compete on our Leaderboards and earn the chance to be recognized for your hard work and discipline. You'll have the opportunity to top the list each week when our new session goes live!

Techne Futbol was founded by Yael Averbuch, a professional women’s player and executive director of the NWSL players association. The training app has an extensive amount of training tools and information that our current players have been enjoying for a number of years.