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This is a great additional development program brought to the club by its new performance director, Jeff Sierra. There is no additional charge for players to attend the Performance Training sessions.

This training is designed to help athletes improve and maintain in-season fitness and enhance their overall level of athleticism, which are key elements to maximizing performance on the soccer field.  Activities will focus on improving balance, coordination, agility, speed, and endurance and will be performed both with and without the soccer ball.

Each team has a specific day and time they can attend that repeats weekly.  Your team's schedule can be found on the Performance Training page that has been added to the Sports Engine mobile app. All sessions will be held at Royal Oak Middle School (ROMS) in the area near the tennis court.

It is important to know that our performance training is designed to be challenging, fun and above all, age-appropriate and safe. Balancing workload is very important. We know that your athlete is already training multiple times per week, playing matches, and maybe participating in other sports activities outside the club. It also allows players to focus on different developmental aspects of the game away from their regular team training.

For more information please contact Jeff Sierra at