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Program Philosophy

Player Development

ROFC is a highly focused player developmental club with a curriculum, DNA, and methodology specifically created for the maximum development of all its players from the minute they enter the club at 3 years old to the day they graduate onto the collegiate or professional level at 19 years of age. Our DNA, Methodology, and curriculum are clearly defined in our club style of play, our player-person developmental modal, and ideas for what every ROFC player should have within their soccer DNA. Our pursuit of excellence for the product we provide and for the players we are involved with ensuring that every single detail is taken into account when providing its players with exactly what's needed to enhance their game understanding.

Two of the main key focuses at the club are our Player Development Plans (PDP) and our team development plans (TDP). Our team developmental season plans are set out in advance for the upcoming year in line with key characteristics, technical and tactical points needed to be hit based on their age group. Our players are also provided with a formal meeting to individually discuss their progressions and upcoming targets for the next development period. Our coaches continuously informally reinforce such targets with players at both practices & games to empower every player to be accountable for their own development as well as staying on the team development plan timeline. 

Our club's leadership has a wealth of experience locally, nationally, and internationally with players' development at every level from recreationally all the way to professionally. The club directors and coaches meet constantly to ensure that the club's vision, TDP, and methodology are being met throughout the club. Our staff also partake in regular coaching development seminars and license development to ensure all new coaching proper practices are constantly being developed.

Bespoke CLub DNA

ROFCs directors have worked together to create a bespoke player specialized development club DNA that ensures the correct and appropriate training for players of all ages based on their PDP and TDP. Utilizing their own coaching development from their time at a number of English Premier League, Bundesliga, NCAA, and MLS clubs, along with their education from over 6 different coaching associations, they were able to pull all of the proper practices together to ensure that the ROFC club DNA followed a clear holistic developmental plan of those that the professional academies follow. It's focused on developing creative, free-thinking technically sound players.