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The objective of the Royal Oak FC and its club philosophy is to ensure each player is continually developing through each stage of the Player Pathway to give them tools to continuously progress. From its inception in 1976, Royal Oak has had thousands of players pass through the pathway with major success.  With players going on to play at the collegiate and professional levels, all whilst starting their soccer experience at our youngest programs.

In order for players to develop to their maximum potential and pass through the pathway from our introduction programs and onto College/Pro, our professional technical director has in place an age-specific curriculum throughout the pathway that ensures the players are continually being challenged appropriately, whilst creating an environment for the players to succeed. Each year of the player’s growth is equally critical in their overall progress from the day they step onto the soccer field and join ROFC.  We must ensure that each and every player is taught and masters certain concepts and skills before moving on, as a club, we prioritize technical development at the youngest ages so that tactical concepts can be introduced with success as they progress throughout the club's pathway.

LIL' Renegades SOCCER :

Royal Oak Our Little Renegades introduction program aims to develop soccer-specific skills such as basic motor skills, balance, coordination, foot-eye coordination, and ball skills.  Little Renegades builds strong fundamental foundations for physical skills, teamwork and inspires confidence at a young age in a successful atmosphere where learning is fun.  It also gives the players the opportunity to play soccer, learn new skills, and have an enjoyable sporting experience all while making new friends.  Our coaching staff will deliver this high-energy experience.  Our goal is to provide a perfect introduction to the game of soccer while focusing on independence and enhancing your child’s overall growth and well-being.  You will see happy, confident children who are eager to learn and come back for more.


Questions regarding the Lil' Renegades program should be directed to Our Renegades director David Boudry 

Youth Development Academy U7 to U10 :

Our U7 to U10 development academy is the main bridge from former Lil Renegades players and players from our recreational program into the premier club. The focus at these ages is to enhance and encourage individual skill development while establishing a passion for the game.  Developmental footwork, ball manipulation, skill moves, and correct technique are the foundation for the player's future development. Teams compete in local tournaments and league play in MYSL


Questions regarding the Youth Development Academy program should be directed to Director of coaching Abdoulie Jallow 

DA Competitive U11 TO U13 :

Our U11 to U13 DA competitive brack introduces a higher level of player and competition with more players on the field, new situations coming into play and players have new problems to solve.  Players are encouraged to be creative and play out of difficult situations with a heavy introduction into the tactical impact on the game. The teams are taught to work on their shape with and without the ball. Teams compete in local and regional tournaments and league plays in Michigan DA, MYSL, and MSPSP.


Questions regarding the Youth Development Academy program should be directed to Director of coaching Abdoulie Jallow 

Premier Showcase U14 TO U19:

Our U14 to U19 Pream Showcase is a more team development-focused age bracket with additional commitment and demand on the players/teams. A competitive culture with high standards and expectations is created to help teams reach both individual, collective, and team goals.  Players are expected to be technically competitive, developing a strong understanding of the tactical side of the game along with development in the physical and mental aspects of the progressive soccer game. Individual and team video analysis becomes part of the college recruitment-focused development plan for players within the high school age group focusing on that next step. Position-specific training is introduced with increased emphasis placed on the speed of play, individual roles, and responsibility understanding as well as deficiency-focused development. This is where players are exposed to our college recruitment program which aids and assists them in their recruitment process. In addition to local league/tournament play, teams can attend national-level showcases whilst competing in MSPSP, NPL, and State Cup.


Questions regarding the Youth Development Academy program should be directed to Technical Director Ash Wormall