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Online ROFC Merchandise Store


There will be 3 MAJOR stores during the year:

January - This will allow for custom items to come in before the spring season.

June - This will be just after tryouts and will allow custom items to come in before the fall season.

August -  This will allow custom items to come in for the holidays.

The MAJOR stores will have uniforms, custom jackets, as well as stock items.

There will also be 2 MINOR stores during the year:

OPEN NOW! November - This will allow stock items to come in for the holidays. The store will remain open until November 12th.

March - This will allow stock items to come in before the start of the spring season.

The MINOR stores will only have stock items, so the items will be able to be printed and delivered quicker.

The following are the dates for the 2018-2019 stores:

January 18-27 - Major store

March 2-10 - Minor store

June 18-23 - Major store

August 3-11 - Major store

November 2-10 - Minor store


2018 will mark the first year of our Club Shirt!  Each year, the club will design a unique t-shirt at a reasonable price.  The 2018 version can be seen below.


To keep things fresh, the January and March stores will contain a new design for all screen printed items.  This year’s design can be seen below.

Note - Items that are embroidered, such as jackets and ¼ zips, will still have the club crest.


One point of confusion has been our custom items.  Since our premier jerseys and jackets are custom, they take between 45 and 90 days to be made.  Remember, ROFC is the only club in the world who has these jerseys and jackets!


In an attempt to make pick-up easier and more convenient, it will now be at the ROFC office at 2SP.  More details, including pick-up dates and times, will be given near the delivery date.