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Board of Directors Application

Royal Oak Football Club is seeking nominations for the 2020-21 ROFC Board of Directors.  ROFC volunteers continue to be the backbone of our organization and the reason for our continued success.  We are currently the third largest community based program in the state administered solely by volunteers.  Please consider volunteering your skills and talents to our great organization.  It's because of you and our strong bond to the community that soccer here continues to grow year after year.  If you volunteer, you should plan on working, on average 5-6 hours per week, and attending one meeting a month.  During certain events, you will likely need to volunteer 20 hours a week, e.g., Opening Day, Premier Tryouts, and Crown Cup/a tournament.

Our board consists of 11 elected representatives.  The board meets 11 times per year.  Board members are also asked to sit on a committee such as Fields, Finance, Coach & Player Development, Public Relations, etc.      

The board of directors election will be held at the annual all member meeting to be held December 2019.  The meeting will take place in the Northwood Elementary School cafeteria.   The voting is done by the membership of ROFC, which consists of the current directors and the coaches or representatives of each of teams.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the new board will meet immediately and then vote for the officers for the new year - President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

If you have any questions, would like to volunteer or would like to nominate someone for the board, please contact