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Royal Oak Football Club

3rd Grade & 4th Grade

3rd Grade & 4th Grade

3rd & 4th graders playing a 7 v 7 format on a 70 yard x 40 yard field using a Size 4 ball.

Your child should play in their grade specific division.  All players new to ROFC will automatically be placed in their grade specific division.

Our soccer year is broken up into two seasons - Fall & Spring.  Your child will play in this division for both seasons and then move up to the next age division in Fall of 2019.

Game scores are kept, but this division does not keep standings.

Referees: One: Head Referee

Length of Game: Two 25-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime break.

Cost:  $70 per season plus $25 jersey fee.  This includes 2 jerseys,  a home and an away, and is worn for both Fall and Spring seasons.  When you register for Spring 2019, you will use the same jerseys and will not need to order a new one.